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Even the world's best drivers appreciate good in-car assistance. Listen to Oliver Solberg explain why he benefits from Safedrive in his car!
Oliver, Petter and Pernilla Solberg are now part of the Safedrive family. In 2024, the "world's fastest family" and Safedrive will collaborate on exciting activities and promote positive attitudes towards speed in traffic among children and youth.
Every year, tens of thousands attend Gatebil to experience speed, excitement and drama on the track. Now the players are joining forces to get speeding away from the roads and onto the track.
In the spring of 2023, Safedrive entered into a national partnership with the non-profit organization DRIVE. Now, DRIVE has named Safedrive the "National Partner of the Year".
The fine rates are now going up again, if the government gets its way. NAF questions whether ever-higher fines are working as intended.
Safedrive, the largest community along Norwegian roads, is gearing up for further growth with a political heavyweight joining the team.
Just one year ago, the company set a goal of 100,000 members in Norway by the end of 2023. Now, another ambitious goal has been achieved, but the company has no plans to rest on its laurels.
According to Statistics Norway (SSB), the number of wildlife collisions has surged by nearly 15 percent in two years. What exactly is the reason for this? And what should you do if you have an accident?
More than 20 motivated employees rolled up their sleeves to collect as many contributions as possible for the most important fundraiser of the year.
For several years, Namdal Taxi experienced a number of vehicle damages as a result of wildlife collisions. After the company installed Safedrive Pro in their vehicles, they have a completely new everyday life.
It's worthwhile to be a member of the largest community along Norwegian roads. As a Safedrive customer, you now get extra low prices and great offers on popular products and services.
With data from the National Road Database, Safedrive users will now have access to yet another feature that provides increased control along the road.
Bjørn-Aage from Garasjetid has taken a look at what's new in the latest update from Safedrive.

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