Norway's best-selling traffic alarm!

Drive safely, securely and with full control. Become part of the community that alerts each other to hazards, animals, obstacles, controls and speed cameras along the road.

Safedrive Pro does not notify breathalyzer checks.

Tiny – but smart. Safedrive Pro helps you see what lies ahead.

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The largest community along Norwegian roads.

Safedrive helps Synne with the connection she wants along the road.

Namdal Taxi reduced wildlife collisions by over 80%

Ann looked death in the eye. Hear her powerful story.

Motorsport profile and Safedrive ambassador Petter Solberg is making a comeback in the European Championship round of Rally Karlstad. His biggest competitor will be his son Oliver.
When Safedrive expands to Sweden, it will be with none other than Sara Haro on the team. Get to know the Swedish-American drifting star better!
Safedrive is entering into a partnership with one of Norway's most high-profile drifting athletes, Tor-Anders Ringnes. Together, Ringnes and Safedrive will focus on good attitudes to speed in traffic among both young and old.
Even the world's best drivers appreciate good in-car assistance. Listen to Oliver Solberg explain why he benefits from Safedrive in his car!
Oliver, Petter and Pernilla Solberg are now part of the Safedrive family. In 2024, the "world's fastest family" and Safedrive will collaborate on exciting activities and promote positive attitudes towards speed in traffic among children and youth.
Every year, tens of thousands attend Gatebil to experience speed, excitement and drama on the track. Now the players are joining forces to get speeding away from the roads and onto the track.

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