We are passionate about making driving better, smarter and safer.

At Safedrive, we offer more than just a traffic alarm. We are proud to be the largest community along Norwegian roads, dedicated to making driving better and safer for everyone.

Through our alerting platform, drivers can keep each other safe by easily sharing information about potential hazards they encounter on their own journey, whether it's animals or other obstacles. 

We know that some people may be sceptical of us because we also provide alerts for controls and speed cameras. This is probably because some people think that such alerts make it "safer" to drive above the speed limit. But our experience is the opposite.

Every year, we send out over 1,000,000 alerts, of which animals and obstacles account for over 80 percent. This helps to reduce speed in general, not just near speed controls, and our user surveys confirm that the majority of people who use Safedrive become more aware of their own speed. Almost 70 percent of our customers also say they feel more confident and in control in traffic with Safedrive installed in their car.

Speeding is one of the main causes of serious road accidents, and it's an undeniable truth that we all agree on addressing.

That is why we want to raise awareness of speed limits through our alerting device. When a driver receives an alert, they are reminded to check their current speed and adjust it if necessary. This can be particularly useful on unfamiliar roads - and in areas where the speed limit changes frequently or suddenly.

We make no secret of the fact that some first-time Safedrive buyers are concerned about speed control alerts. That's why we offer a Fine Guarantee. If a user receives a fine from a speed control we haven't notified them about, Safedrive will pick up the bill. This is not an encouragement to drive too fast. Quite the contrary. We firmly believe that this appeals to a demographic of customers we wouldn't attract otherwise. After they become Safedrive customers and begin using our services, user surveys indicate that we can have a positive impact on their driving behavior.

But not only do we offer a Fine Guarantee, we also cover the deductible if you hit a moose, reindeer, roe deer, or deer that we haven't notified about. Our societal mission at Safedrive is clear: We aim to create safer traffic and smarter drivers. That's why we have big plans for the future.

We are aware that emergency services are concerned that many drivers are not observant enough in traffic. This is often the reason why emergency vehicles are not seen or heard. Therefore, we want to be able to alert about emergency vehicles on our alerting device, in collaboration with the emergency services. We will also work with road authorities to notify of road closures, and we are also looking into the possibility of introducing hazard warnings in areas where children play.

The possibilities and our ambitions are huge. What drives us is the desire to make car travel better and safer. And we have room for more people in the largest community along Norwegian roads. Together, we can make a difference and help create safer roads for everyone.

The largest community along Norwegian roads.

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