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Reduced wildlife collisions by over 80%.

For several years, Namdal Taxi experienced a number of vehicle damages as a result of wildlife collisions. After the company installed Safedrive Pro in their vehicles, they have a completely new everyday life.

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The Security Pro swears by Safedrive Pro

Kent Sørensen has safety as his profession. He finds Safedrive Pro to be very useful when Elite Sikkerhet employees are driving.

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Molly Pettit tests Safedrive Pro

Molly Pettit is a prominent figure in the motoring and motorsport community in Norway, known primarily as a professional motorsport athlete. In recent years, she has featured on TV as a motorsport reporter for WRC and as a presenter on NRK and Viasat 4. We joined Molly for a test of Safedrive Pro!

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