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Every single day, we receive messages from our customers who have avoided accidents and traffic accidents with the help of our alert service. Our community consists of over 100,000 drivers who stand united and in solidarity behind each other. 

Customer stories

Ann looked death in the eye. Hear her powerful story.

Stein Ove is a professional driver and doesn't drive a meter without Safedrive.

Terje received an alert that made him vigilant and aware of hazard in the road.

Namdal Taxi reduced wildlife collisions by over 80%

Safedrive helps Synne with the connection she wants along the road.

Bo encountered icy roads and a crossing truck.

Without a doubt the best thing that has happened in a long time. Only yesterday there was a horse that had strayed out on the road. I got a warning right away, and drove slowly past the horse 🙂 🙂👍👍😍

Odd Heiberg-Larsen

Driving to/from work every day goes through an area with lots of moose! I have several times received warnings about animals in the roadway, which makes you much more attentive! Highly recommended!

Snorre Kristoffersen

Safedrive most likely saved the lives of my boy, my aunt's kid, my dog and myself today. A warning of animals in the roadway caused me to slow down. Soon after, a semi-trailer had to take evasive action to avoid a moose. It was by the skin of his teeth that the driver got the trailer back into his lane and avoided hitting us in the middle of the front. The margins were on our side - thanks to the warning that slowed us down. Thank you so much for this invention 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Ann Myrbakk Andersen

A fantastic product. The focus on driving is much better than before. It alerts me to obstacles in the road and in my experience leads to calmer driving. I've used it for several years 😀👍

Torvid Jacobsen

Animal warnings is the best feature on the whole device. I drive a lot and the feature has really helped me many times!!! 👌

Mattias Nilsson

Fabulous product. It has saved me from spending money paying fines now that fuel prices are sky high.

Arne Lenvik

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