In the rally car, Oliver has a map reader - in traffic he uses Safedrive

Published 26.02.24
by Torgeir Trapnes

Even the world's best drivers appreciate good in-car assistance. Listen to Oliver Solberg explain why he benefits from Safedrive in his car!

With a map reader in the rally car and Safedrive in the private car, Oilver Solberg always knows what to expect around the next corner.

- In rallying, the pace is extremely fast and there are small margins between a trophy or a loss - or worse.

This is according to Oliver Solberg, who has followed in his father Petter's footsteps and made a career out of motorsport. If there's one thing Oliver has learned, it's to respect speed and power. That's why the map reader plays a major role every time he gets behind the wheel.

- In the rally car, the map reader explains to me exactly where the road is. Knowing what to expect on the track is without a doubt crucial. To earn that extra half second or know how to attack the next corner, I'm completely dependent on the information I receive from the map reader.

Listen to Oliver Solberg explain why he benefits greatly from Safedrive in his car!

An important aid in traffic

Off the trail, Oliver doesn't have a map reader to rely on, but he makes great use of Safedrive Pro, which tells him what to expect along the road.

- The difference between a rally car and a private car is huge. When I'm out in traffic, I'm alone, and Safedrive is a great source of security.

If there's one thing Oliver particularly appreciates, it's the Safedrive community.

- Safedrive has a huge community that looks out for each other in traffic. You feel much safer, and you can drive more calmly and smoothly on the road. Everything that is notified appears on the screen, which is great!

Promoting good attitudes to speed in traffic

In 2024, the Solberg family and Safedrive will collaborate on exciting activities and promote good attitudes to speeding among children and young people. Together with Oliver, Petter and Pernilla Solberg, Safedrive wants to create a closer dialog with the target groups that are highly represented in the injury statistics along Norwegian roads. Oliver is clear that cooperation and dialog is the key to creating safer traffic, and is clear in his encouragement:

- Safedrive has succeeded in creating a platform for fast and efficient communication between road users. Every time I start my car, I'm automatically part of a community that looks out for each other, and you should be too!

Become part of Norway's largest roadside community!

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