Safedrive Pro gets a new look and new features

Published 01.12.22
by Mathias Nervik

In December, the new and improved version of the Safedrive Pro software was launched, marking a significant update for Norway's best-selling traffic alarm. The update offers significant changes in both design and layout, but also gives a taste of what new features and services await.

Already on the home screen, things have changed. Safedrive Pro – Powered by Telenor.

A single tap on the screen activates the overview of features and services. In the new version, you can now alert about animals or obstacles right on the first page, without an additional tap. The new menu also features an arrow that directs you to the second page, providing an overview of additional features and services.

Alerts for animals, obstacles, and controls
Speedometer, fuel prices, and roadside assistance (under development)

Alerts which type of control

The traffic alarm will now distinguish between the following control notifications - not only when registering, but also when alerting. Going forward, you will be able to specify the type of control on your device:

  • Police
  • Customs
  • Norwegian Public Roads Administration

In case of insufficient information, the notification will appear as "Control" pending accurate data.

NB:Safedrive Pro does not notify breathalyzer checks. Users who attempt to register a breathalyzer checks violate the terms of use of the service and risk being banned.

Good predictability means lower shoulders and less stress in traffic

Speedometer (beta)

Safedrive's customer survey results highlight a strong preference for an accurate speedometer on the device, ideally coupled with real-time information about the current speed limit on the road. Most car manufacturers use a safety margin, intentionally displaying a speed slightly higher than the actual speed of the vehicle. The first step is to trial a GPS speedometer, while the company's developers actively work on integrating the real-time speed limit feature. Users can activate the speedometer by tapping the icon in the menu.

N.B:If there is an active alert, this will have the highest priority, and will therefore take precedence over the speedometer. Alerts about animals, obstacles and police checks will therefore automatically close the speedometer.

Most cars display a higher speed. This gives you accurate speed measured with GPS.

Launches in batches

The new software is being launched in batches, with customers receiving a text message a few days in advance. According to company founder Magnus Wester, the goal is for all Safedrivers to have the new software available by January - something he is looking forward to.

- We know many people are looking forward to the new update, and we're really excited to share it with our customers. Some have known about it for quite some time, and are probably feeling it's about time, Wester smiles.

Magnus Wester is looking forward to the launch

More treats on the way

This is just one of many exciting updates customers can expect. The company is currently conducting internal testing of features that many customers want - namely fuel prices and roadside assistance. These are already well placed in the new menu, where you can also keep track of the development status.

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