Speedometer with speed limits from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration

Published 05.10.23
by Torgeir Trapnes

Safedrive is soon rolling out new software to all Safedrive devices. Users will now have the option to activate a main screen displaying the current speed limit at their location, coupled with a speedometer indicating their own speed.

Soon, everyone with Safedrive Pro will be able to see the speed limit - wherever they drive.

- One of the latest features of Safedrive Pro is a main screen that displays the current speed limit and the vehicle's current speed. This feature is made possible by retrieving data from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, which holds a wealth of information about all road sections in Norway - including speed limits, says Mathias Nervik, Marketing Director at Safedrive.

Many have likely experienced uncertainty when driving along stretches of road where they do not know the current speed limit. With data from the National Road Database, our users will now have access to yet another feature that provides increased control along the road.

Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA)

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration provides Safedrive users access to updated speed limits - directly on the screen. The speedometer has a color indicator, meaning that if you exceed the speed limit on the current stretch, the speedometer will change from white to yellow and then red - depending on the extent of the speed violation.

Direct and easy-to-understand feedback will make it easy to adjust your speed.

At particularly high speeds, the "Reduce speed" alert will lock the screen. This alert blocks all functions until the user slows down.

- A color indicator makes it easy for our users to know when they should adjust their speed without having to read the speed on the screen. At the same time, we want to eliminate reckless driving, and we have therefore taken steps to ensure that our services do not work at critical speed violations," says Nervik.

In the event of reckless driving, the driver will be instructed to slow down.

New technology - for better or worse

- We see that many players in the transport sector highlight new technology as an important focus area in their efforts to increase traffic safety, but we also see examples where new technology contributes negatively to the traffic situation. This underscores the importance of collaboration among stakeholders, working together to mutually benefit each other, says Nervik.

He points to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and the National Road Database as prime examples in providing accessible information, thereby creating opportunities for others to develop socially beneficial functions and services.

- Through valuable input and access to key road data, we can now launch a feature that we believe will further increase awareness of one's own speed. We can now display the current speed limit and your own speed at all times, and at the same time nudge the driver on the shoulder if the speed is too high. Safedrive is now installed in over 100,000 cars, taking part in over 360,000 journeys every single day. Clearly, this will have a positive impact on many drivers, he continues.

How to activate the new main  screen

The device updates itself OTA (Over-The-Air) automatically and will be launched in batches. Once the device is updated, you can activate the new main screen by pressing and holding for 2 seconds.

Bjørn-Aage from Garasjetid tests the latest update from Safedrive
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